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OPT's mission can be summarized as an "operating transit museum." As such, our purpose goes beyond merely collecting, displaying and interpreting historic artifacts. We operate historic transit vehicles "for the charitable and educational benefit, use and enjoyment of the public." This does not, however, mean that we will operate every piece of equipment we acquire. Some, due to condition, difficulty of restoration, or other circumstances, may be designated for static display only.

At the same time, OPT is in the business of operating a transportation system. Thus, in addition to the historic collection, any vehicle which serves that purpose may be acquired without regard to its historic value. Nevertheless, the historic/museum purpose of OPT suggests which kinds of vehicles are more appropriate to acquire.

Over the years the nature of the vehicles used for transit has changed. OPT was initially formed to bring back one type vehicle (electric streetcars); however, as a transit museum, OPT is now committed to acquiring examples of all types of transit vehicles, including a large number of buses. Specific Collections Policies.


 Note that not all of our collection has pages as yet, as we are an all-volunteer organization. Check back in the future as more pages are posted on this site.

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  Tucson Rapid Transit #50
#1511-Belgium      Tucson Rapid Transit #112 Tucson Rapid Transit #135 
#4608-Toronto     Tucson Rapid Transit #217  
#733 & #860 -Los Angeles     Tucson Transit System #7316  Tucson Sun Tran #5511
#524 Lisbon Tram  
Warren-Bisbee #1 Warren-Bisbee #8