Volunteer Dan Caywood puts a new coat of paint on Car #1511 

Why volunteer at Old Pueblo Trolley?

Challenge your curiosity. Become a part of Tucson’s transportation history. You will have endless room to grow, learn, and make new friends as you live out a dream of operating a trolley, restoring a bus, or helping to manage an operating transit museum.

What’s at the Trolley Barn?

The Trolley Barn is where the trolleys are kept and where maintenance and restoration is performed. It is at 360 E. 8th St., just behind O'Malley's Bar & Grill. The Barn and the area surrounding it serve as our administrative offices, dispatcher’s office, work and restoration areas, storage for track, switches, and trolleys waiting for Volunteers to come and restore them!

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Where are the buses kept?

We do not have room at the trolley barn for bus storage or restoration. Therefore the buses are stored in a separate yard and restored at a restoration shop near Park and Broadway. Call Gene Caywood at 360-0268 for directions and a tour.

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Who are Old Pueblo Trolley Volunteers?

Everybody. Our body of Volunteers is made up of people from all walks of life.

  • Parents
  • Seniors
  • Grandparents
  • Students
  • Craftspeople
  • Professionals

As long as you are 14 years or older, and have a desire to learn, grow and work with interesting people, you qualify. Some volunteer jobs have restrictions based on legal or safety concerns, but there's a job for everyone!

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Where can you help out?

There are more than 35 categories of possibilities where Volunteers can benefit Old Pueblo Trolley. Some volunteers tend to do one task, others volunteer for various assignments, in more than one division. Some of these are

Restoration - trolley, buses, railroad artifacts

  • Woodworking
  • Welding
  • Electrical
  • Track Maintenance
  • Mechanical


  • Operating historical trolley cars and buses
  • Dispatching at the trolley barn
  • Serving as a conductor on trolley cars

Docents, Greeters, Educators

  • Volunteers are needed at the Transportation Museum and during special educational charters on the trolley to interpret the history of transportation and transit in Tucson.
  • Those working on restoration, or operating and conducting on the trolleys are trained to meet the public and share our story!

Historical Research

  •  There is considerable research still to be done on the history of transit and transportation in Southern Arizona. With a wealth of material available, we need volunteers to take on assignments to research particular questions and help publish the results.


  • Old Pueblo Trolley Inc. publishes an occasional newsletter entitled “Livewire” which is mailed to all members and Volunteers. “Livewire” keeps our Volunteer Team up to date on activities and scheduled events.
  • The Bus Division publishes occasional progress reports. Reports are posted on the Home page.

Fund Raising

  • As a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit museum, we have the authority to raise funds for our operating, acquisition, and restoration expenses. We need grant writers, community leaders, and other creative people are neeeded to help us raise funds to meet our goals.

Training and Docent Education

  • All volunteers for Old Pueblo Trolley are oriented and trained for their various tasks. Some training is one-on-one, some is group training.
  • Docents are provided with education and training directed toward elementary schools, the general public, retired groups, and other specialized groups.
  • We are always looking for volunteers with a background in education and/or training to help us design training for these particular purposes.

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When are Volunteers needed?

Old Pueblo Trolley is not currently operating trolleys, and thus is not recruiting or training trolley operators, conductors, or dispatchers.

Trolley restoration and maintenance activities are currently normally scheduled on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays although once oriented many of these activities can be accomplished when Volunteers are available.

Bus restoration normally occurs on Mondays, Tuesday evening, Fridays and Saturdays.

The Museum's hours of operation.

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What is involved?

If you have an enthusiastic attitude, an interest in history and transportation, and are willing to make a regular commitment of your time, volunteering at Old Pueblo Trolley provides many learning opportunities through regular training and the opportunity to work with professionals and other Volunteers.

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How do you start?

To find out how to join our Volunteer Team,fill out and mail this volunteer application form, or complete this on-line form and send it to our coordinator, or call (520) 792-1802 for more information.

Training Schedule

Training for all volunteers begins with a volunteer orientation class, generally scheduled on a Saturday morning. Your volunteer coordinator will discuss this with you.


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